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An Xbox 360 Repair is somewhat a common thing now a day as the much vaunted 360 was it all it appeared to be. Since the Xbox 360's release back in 2005 there were high expectations from gamers all over the world, especially those who owned the original beloved Xbox. However all was not as it seemed in the gaming world as those that leapt in joy when they purchased their 360 were soon scratching their heads as ugly faults began to appear. The most notorious of these faults were 3 red rings which became known as "the 3 rings of death". This fault alone is major contributor to all Xbox 360 repairs.

If you were lucky enough you could send your Xbox 360 back to the store who would then send it to Microsoft for a free repair, however if you were out of warranty or had lost your warranty then your only choice was to get it fixed at your own cost. Unfortunately I fall in to the "lost your warranty" category and to get it fixed was going to cost a couple of hundred dollars, I mean they wanted $50 just to open it up and look at the problem.


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So after a bit of head scratching and surfing on the internet I came across some Xbox 360 Repair guides that proclaimed to be able to fix the 3 red rings error that is so very common. So I thought that I would take the plunge and purchase them to see how good they really were and that's basically how this site came about. I had friends who wanted to know which guide they should buy and seeing as I ended up purchasing 3 different guides I just told them what I recommended but that they could look for themselves as I had videoed the different sites.

My friends now consider me a bit of an expert when it comes to fixing the 3 red light error and I guess I am,I can pretty much handle and Xbox 360 repair but it was only because I learnt through the guides that I purchased. In fact I now purchase broken Xbox 360's of our local auction site and fix them up and resell them.

I know a lot of people think the internet is full of crap products and rip offs so I thought If I let you actually see what you are potentially investing in that you can make an educated decision for yourself to help with your Xbox 360 repair.

I hope the videos and this site are of use to you!

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